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If taken during pregnancy, hydrochlorothiazide could be toxic to the fetus, leading to death.

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Assessment of patients medication history should include all over-the-counter, prescription, and herbal natural preparations with emphasis on preparations that may affect the pharmacokinetics of tikosyn such as cimetidine see contraindications , trimethoprim alone or in combination with sulfamethoxazole see warnings, contraindications , prochlorperazine see warnings, contraindications , megestrol see warnings, contraindications , ketoconazole see warnings, contraindications , dolutegravir see contraindications , hydrochlorothiazide alone or in combinations such as with triamterene see contraindications , other cardiovascular drugs especially verapamil see contraindications , phenothiazines, and tricyclic antidepressants see warnings .

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Hydrochlorothiazide is a water pill diuretic and causes your body to get rid of extra salt and water.

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Fosinopril; hydrochlorothiazide, hctz major in general, antipsychotics like haloperidol should be used cautiously with antihypertensive agents due to the possibility of additive hypotension.

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According to the prescribing information for hydrochlorothiazide, muscle pain has been reported in people taking this medication.

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